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A Discovery Call is a 15 minute chat where we’ll learn a bit about your business and understand what’s working well, what challenges you’re facing right now and whether we would be a good fit and can help you overcome those challenges.

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1. Contact Information

2. What accounting/business software do you currently use?

3. What is your primary business objective?

4. What are your projected annual revenues for the CURRENT YEAR?

5. Are your tax filings up to date?

6. Do you have tax planning strategies in place that are aligned with your goals?

7. Are you getting the information you need to run your business?

8. Who helps you keep your key performance numbers on track?

9. How often do you meet with your financial adviser?

10. Please rank what is most important to you when working with a Business and Tax Advisor (with 1 being the most important)

11. If a genie magically appeared & granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?

12. Anything else?