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Established & growing


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Doing the right thing as a business owner can sometimes be easy and fast, too! Other times it takes a longer timeframe.

Just starting out

Doing the right thing from the start

If your business is new, you’ll do anything you need to. Make sure you’re doing what’s right for the future of your business.

  • 10 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Business

    Even the smartest small business owner can do dumb things now and then. Unfortunately, some mistakes can kill a company. Just ask Jeff Seifried, small business coordinator for the City of Aurora, Colo., and Peter Tourtellot, chairman of the Turnaround Management...

  • Good and Bad News About The Home Office Tax Deduction

    Article Highlights: Home Office Qualifications Actual-Expense Method Simplified Method Income Limitation Employee Deduction “Home office” is a type of tax deduction that applies to the business use of a home; the space itself may not actually be an office. This...

  • You May Not Get a Tax Refund Next Year

    Article Highlights: Payroll Withholding W-4 2018 Tax Projection Adjusting Withholding With all of the tax reform changes and the corresponding reductions in most taxpayers’ income tax withholding, there are serious concerns that the reduction in withholding, although providing more take-home...

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