You have a low tolerance for wasted time.
You have a high tolerance for challenging situations.

What drives us? Helping business owners who engage with us, ask questions and are excited for their future.

The business owners who connect with us are:

Willing to be coached


Committed to personal & business growth

Motivated, energetic & entrepreneurial

Want to do the right thing
(even if it’s not the easiest or fastest!)


Professional Services
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Business
  • Personal
Personal Services
  • Private Education
  • Wellness
Light Manufacturing
Specialty Construction
Boutique Retail

Accountants interested in helping me grow my business

“Cobb contacts me to review my business tax planning on a quarterly basis and regularly invites me to presentations targeting me – the small business owner. I highly recommend them!”

Dori E.,


Where are you stuck?