Here's what our clients say:

Accountants who contribute to our peace of mind

“They put accounting in formats that make the information understandable and usable. They are an asset that contribute greatly to our peace of mind and supports our business philosophy.”

Julie C.,


Not your mother’s CPA!!!

“My small business has become a thriving organization
where people love to come to work. Cobb have helped with management, leadership, and tax questions, and I’m not sure where we would be without them.”

Nathan M.,


Just like having a CFO

“I feel confident having them on my side and they go above and beyond the normal duties of a CPA. I use them to consult about financial decisions within my business, just like if I had a CFO.”

Nicole Z.,


We only work with business owners who value:


You talk to us about your business and we exchange ideas.


You value input from the experts, and ask for it.


You’re curious, adaptable, open minded. You love to learn.


We enjoy working together! And, you see us as part of your financial team.

How we work with you

We’d love to meet you.Which one defines you?

Just starting out

Great companies succeed because they know what’s coming. Let’s look forward, not backwards.

Established & growing

Growth is exciting, but can also present new challenges. We can help solve those problem and keep you moving forward.

What am I doing all this work for?

It’s important to know.

Maybe it’s retiring to a place you’ve dreamed about your whole life or
it’s leaving a thriving business to generations you’ll never meet or just maybe,
it’s creating something nobody’s ever seen.

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