Yes, you can enjoy today while
planning for your future.

You’re so busy with today you haven’t had time to think about what comes next.
We want you to have options about what your future will look like.

Which one are you?

Business Owner

You have a small to medium-sized business and need personal financial planning. Maybe you’re depending on funding your retirement with the sale of your business, but not sure if you should also have investments. Perhaps you’re unsure about managing succession.

Together, we’ll look at things like:

  • 401k planning & management
  • Personal financial planning
  • Succession planning

High income earner

You’ve done a good job of investing and also have other assets, but
not sure if it’s enough or you need help managing things.

Or, you could be retired and want to make sure you’re on track.

Just starting out

You may not have much to invest today, but you’re on the right path
and need guidance setting things up right from the start.

Our People


Robert Raimondo
Esq., Financial Advisor

Bob has over eighteen years of experience in wealth management and estate planning. He employs a consultative and collaborative approach which seeks to greatly enhance the client’s experience based upon the idea that wealth management and estate planning are processes which require a true partnership between the advisor and client to optimize results.

In addition to providing investment advisory to his clients he is called upon for the design and implementation of tax planning, wealth transfer and complex estate planning.

You're a great fit for us if you want to invest in yourself and your future. Is this you?

Working hard at one business
Have investible assets
Know where you’re going
Enthusiastic and committed

How much risk are you
willing to take?

Make decisions out of excitement!

Our brother company, Nvision Wealth LLC provides Asset Management, Retirement Planning, Personal Financial Planning, Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts), and Life/Accident/Health Insurance and Exit/Succession Planning. DISCLAIMER: Investment Advisory Services are offered through Belpointe Asset Management, LLC.