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Tracy Cobb


Tracy Cobb has been a practicing CPA since 1987. He began his CPA career at a regional CPA firm in Portland, Oregon where he specialized in helping individuals, & small businesses decrease their tax burden and grow their business. He and his wife, Debi started Cobb CPA from their home office in 1996.

“I am most passionate about helping small business people accomplish their goals. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than watching a small business owner become more successful than they thought possible. It can affect everything, their family, team, customers and community. Making a substantial, positive difference is the best that I can give back!”

“When I first began our Arizona practice I met a family that had started a small Montessori school in their home. They had 12 students. Today they serve over 350 students from toddler though adolescence. The school has affected the lives of thousands of students and families and is regarded as one of the top elementary schools in the state! When they moved into their new 5 acre 25,000 square foot facility the director of the school gave us a tour and told us “…you made this possible.” Wow! That was a great moment and one I’ll never forget.”

Debi is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, trainer, and accountant. She has been helping business owners and their teams with sales, payroll taxes, bookkeeping, and financial statement preparation since 1995.

“Every business is different and my goal is to really understand how we can make their life easier and help them become more profitable. I want to allow the business owner the freedom to focus on the needs of the business and making it a success and not worry about where the debits and credits go. After that, I think it’s really important that they understand their financial reports so they can see what’s going well and what needs work. Together we can make the necessary changes to the process so the business becomes more valuable and they can do all the things they hoped to be able to do when they started their company.”

“There have been so many clients over the years, but I remember this one family business that was really having trouble putting it all together. After the IRS had paid them a visit they asked for our help. Our team took the shoe boxes and paper bags full of records, sorted through it with them and made sense of the chaos. They were very relieved and have been on track ever since.”

“Quite often a new client will come to our office not sure what needs to be done or how to get there. We put things in order and take the time to explain it to them so they can really understand not only what they need to do but also why it’s important.”


Debi Cobb



Sue Effhauser


Sue has been a part of the Cobb CPA team since 1999.  Sue is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and specializes in QuickBooks training, payroll processing, sales tax reporting and write-up work.

Developing close working relationships with many of our clients throughout the years has become very rewarding to me.  My genuine care and concern for our many different variety of clients and their business, is what I’m passionate about.  It’s important that a client have the trust in you knowing that you are there to help and train them to keep accurate records and stay compliant with all their filings.

I have had the pleasure of working with many construction clients throughout the years.  There was one particular client who conducted business in several different cities in the metropolitan area.  This company had let go of their bookkeeper and I was brought in to take over the sales tax reporting for the state and all the various cities.  Upon going back through the previous 18mths of reports I discovered that not only had incorrect sales tax rates been used but allowed deductions had not been taken.  The end resulted in several thousand dollars in refunds for the company.

After losing many family members and my father at a very young age of 49 to cancer, I became active in the American Cancer Society.  I served many years as the Neighborhood Chairperson for the annual drive along with working many Cancer fund raising events.  I served on many committees for my church and cook and serve meals to the sick and homebound. My most satisfying accomplishment was several years ago taking off two weeks from my job to help in the rehab of a young boy who suffered a malignant brain tumor.  I have watched this boy over the years grow into a healthy, cancer free young man.

Maddie is our Intern and is an honors student finishing up her studies at Arizona State University. She is awesome! Maddie is enthusiastic, flexible and willing to spring into action at a moments notice, just like a Ninja. She has been with us since January 2017 and will be graduating May 2018. Be sure and say hello to Maddie when you stop by!


Maddie Harris

Accounting Ninja


Robert Raimondo

 Esq., Financial Advisor

Bob Raimondo, a graduate of Fairfield University and Boston College Law School, has over fifteen years of experience in wealth management and estate planning. After practicing law, he joined Boston South Financial Group; a financial planning firm located in Boston’s south shore. After which, he founded Toftree Group; a wealth management and estate planning firm where he provided better individualized service to the needs of clients.

Bob employs a consultative and collaborative approach which seeks to greatly enhance the client’s experience based upon the idea that wealth management and estate planning are processes which require a true partnership between the advisor and client to optimize results.

Bob utilizes an advanced form of tactical investment management called Trend Aggregation. Trend Aggregation is designed to offer investors better protection against bear markets than modern portfolio theory investing.

In addition to providing investment advisory to his clients he is called upon Bob for the design and implementation of tax planning, wealth transfer and complex estate planning. He has provided continuing education to CPAs and has spoken publicly on a variety of financial topics. Bob is a member and fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management.

Fred Gabriel has over 30 years of experience in the field of accounting, taxation, and auditing. He not only knows the information, but also understands it, allowing him to keep you up to date on new tax laws and strategies in order to minimize your taxes. After your return is completed Fred will thoroughly review it with you when you come to pick it up, recommending tax planning ideas for the following year.


Fred Gabriel



Kristen Puch

Accounting Ninja

Introducing another Ninja – Kristen is a senior at ASU in the Accounting program and expects to graduate in May of 2018. She has lots of energy and is fearless!


Shanel Smith

Accounting Ninja

Introducing another Ninja – Kristen is a senior at ASU in the Accounting program and expects to graduate in May of 2018. She has lots of energy and is fearless!

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