Great things happen when we work together. This is how we do it.

Get to know you

First, it’s important to understand what’s important to you, your family & business.

We’ll start with a one-on-one meeting and talk about where you’re at now and where you want to be. We want to know things like: why did you get into this business? What makes you happy? What keeps you up at night? What do you want to change or do differently? It’s all about you

What's working and what's not

Then, we uncover and fix any existing financial & business obstacles

Next, we’ll clarify your short-term needs and get to the pain points. We’ll talk about things like: How is the amount of time and resources you put into the business paying off? Do you have a business plan? Is your family involved in the business? What are your short-term and long term plans for yourself, your family and your business? We’ll also talk about the good stuff: What are you doing that’s awesome? Where can we take advantage of opportunities?

Create a Plan

Build a 12-18 month plan so you know where to go and when

We refer to this as your ‘planning day’ where we’ll map out your overall goals for the business and help prioritize them. Then, we’ll establish champions for each goal and a timeline to help get things done. This gives you accountability and clarity on what to do, and when. This is often done as an off-site day so you can devote the time and attention to working on your business.

Integrate goals with accounting

Together, we connect your accounts to your goals, so you can achieve them

Are you getting the information you need to support your goals? Then, we make sure the priorities we’re setting are aligned with the information you will need – like your accounting software, CRM and other business information systems – to help you get there. We’ll create a strategic plan that integrates accounting, tax and smart business solutions to your goals.

Keep on track

We provide forecasting and metrics to check the status of your plan

We’ll revisit the plan we created and check to see what has shifted and changed. Maybe an opportunity has emerged that should take priority. We’ll re-evaluate the plan annually and celebrate what we’ve accomplished and start planning for the coming year.

Ready to start?

Just starting out

Established & growing