5 Advertising and Marketing Trends in 2019

February 1, 2019 - 3 minutes read

It feels like kicking a dead horse- revisiting these trends year on end. But even when small, these changes in direction and trend are consumer-driven and therefore WILL inevitably affect your bottom line.
Let’s make it easy and take a brief look at the top five trends advertising and marketing worth considering:

1. This one may have been a long-time coming but it’s worth mentioning: content is king. It matters now, more than ever, that you are produce quality, engaging content for any and all communicative channels. Don’t have a content manager on staff yet? This may be your year. With the possibility of remote work, fresh-grads keen for experience are a great avenue to explore because they have navigated marketing degrees inundated with nonstop reminders of the importance of content creation.

2. In a move that feels almost retro, consumers are now reportedly putting more worth in relational trust, over anything, when it comes to buying decisions. In this high-powered digital age of marketing and advertising, good old word of mouth is having a renaissance moment. Traditional ads will take a low-key backseat as they continue to see purpose, while word of mouth (people!), reviews, editorial and branded sites will see a sharp increase in popularity.

3. Somewhat along those renaissance frontlines, thinking outside the box and recycling some oldies but goodies will also see its time in the consumer spotlight. Remember printed newsletters? Yep- having a comeback. Don’t erect the Frankenstein of medias gone by, but definitely consider creatively incorporating non-digital distribution channels back into your plans to stand out from the crowd.

4. Break the barriers built through the department walls. Encourage your marketing team and other teams in your business to be part of an integrated approach- human resources, sales, technology, research- bring these worlds together whenever possible. The tie in here is that content factor- good content creation fuels every aspect of a business- integrated development of content can both break down barriers and boost marketing campaign potential.

5. Take the time to check in with your customer base- how are they communicating? How do they want you to communicate with them? Paying attention to consumer communication trends in your sector is vital to making adjustments to your marketing plan. One such example is the huge uptick in voice searches on mobile devices, etc. Is that something your customer is likely to do? Knowing how they will ask will best prepare you for how to answer.

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